The Seaside Lodge “Nobelos” is situated in the north of the island of Zakynthos, in an idyllic setting only 500 hundred metres from the picturesque port of Saint Nicholas in Volimes.

The Seaside Lodge is built completely from local stone in the old Zakynthian architectural style and is a reminder of the traditional mansions of Zakynthos.


The most picturesque landscape will offer the most perfect backdrop for your wedding, and with the amazing skylines where blue meets blue with Sky & Sea.
Delivering swoon-worthy seaside ceremonies, soul-stirring views and spellbinding sunsets, Lusty Glaze is the ultimate wedding destination for beach lovers.
You will love that the stylish interior & exterior design means not much additional wedding decor is required here… making this the traditional rustic feel.

Delivering swoon-worthy seaside ceremonies, soul-stirring views and spellbinding sunsets, Nobelos is the ultimate wedding destination for coast lovers…

This Northern hotspot cove can offer total exclusivity, meaning Nobelos Beach could be solely for the use of you and your guests, from the very top step right down to the water’s edge…

There are various options for every beach-loving couple plus the unique delightful accommodation the venue also offers with their four authentic suites.

Our Suites….

Right above the sea this extraordinary mansion has been converted into four spacious unique suites, each one dedicated to a different theme and imaginatively decorated in rich furnishings.

Treasured art objects, handmade Venetian style furniture, traditional lace curtains, rare gravures of Zakynthos, lace crocheted table cloths and linens create a luxurious comfort.

Unwind in peace enjoying breakfast in your room or on the shady terraces, dine al fresco on fresh produce, sip fine wines in the bar, relax by the sea, or else spend lazy days exploring the nearby mountain villages.

Intimate and friendly, Seaside Lodge Nobelos is a retreat of intense beauty, harmony and peace.

There are four suites to choose from – Navagio, Sfodilas, Blue Cave Suite, and Trachilas Suite.